Andrew & Anna | Bellingham Engagement Photographer

How blessed am I to have such wonderful couples to photograph this year!  Andrew and Anna are the sweetest, down to earth, kind people!  We started their engagement session at their freshly purchased home and then made our way down to Squalicum Beach with their adorable dog Samson on a gorgeous Saturday morning. 

I can’t wait for their wedding this summer at Beau Lodge—it is going to be gorgeous!  Andrew and Anna—thank you so much for a wonderful morning!  I’m so glad we waited a week until the sun came out!  I hope your new chickens are settling in nicely!

All of the session images are online here, or click on the Online Ordering links above.

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-100 Sweet Samson literally gave me a hug when I walked in the door—at 100 lbs I’m thankful I didn’t land on my tush, that would have been embarrassing!  I just love his big, broad head and kind eyes!  Makes me wish little Diesel lived up to his 1/2 Rottweiler size like Samson did.

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-101 You two are gorgeous—you can even make standing in the kitchen hot!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-102 I adore all of the architectural details and color in Andrew & Anna’s new house!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-103 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-104 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-105 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-106  BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-107BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-108 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-109 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE4-9-10Anna&Andrew-110 Such a perfect little family!