Andy and Victoria - Wedding

EDIT TO ADD:  All of Andy and Victoria’s wedding images are now online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  ENJOY!


This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the most global wedding I’ve ever photographed—just few minutes from my house!  The gorgeous bride Victoria is Canadian.  The good-looking groom is from England—complete with the most adorable accent, which might I add, made the wedding ceremony that much more charming!  And the ceremony was in the United States.  The weather was perfect, the location (Homestead Farms) was stunning and the couple was fantastically head-over-heels in love!  Thank you so much Victoria and Andy for sharing your special day with me!  I can’t wait for you to see these images!  I absolutely could not narrow down my favorites so be prepared for an image-overload below!

This dress was amazing—I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it all day…


Priceless—Andy’s face when he saw Victoria during their “first look” before the ceremony.  I love it when couples decide to do this—it gives them time just to enjoy each other and relax. 

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-101 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-102 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-103 This wedding party was the best!  They didn’t even flinch when I suggested this shot and they executed it perfectly!  Great job guys!!!  This pictures makes me laugh EVERY time I see it! It is my new favorite group shot!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-104 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-105 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-106 Absolutely gorgeous!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-107W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-108 They laughed and smiled all day—it was awesome!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-109 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-110 Romantic—especially when two seconds after this shot was taken I was asked to move by some golfers so they could avoid pegging me in the head.  Thanks for the heads up—the ball landed precisely where I was standing!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-111 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-112 My favorite shot of the day—and no that sky was not Photoshopped in, it is completely legit and perfect!  Those puffy clouds made my day!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-113 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-114 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-115 I REALLY, REALLY hope that that some of these pictures are ordered as huge gallery wrapped canvases—this one below would look amazing!


Our transportation for the afternoon was fantastic—and who could resist a little kissy-kissy in the golf cart to remember it by!?

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-117 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-118

I love the chippy paint in this shot!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-119 But I adore the bright colors in this ring shot…I just can not pick a favorite!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-120 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-121 The ceremony location was stunning!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-122 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-123 Everything was going perfect—until one second after I snapped this picture…

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-124 I snapped this picture!  And there was no return for this little princess.  I love flower girls and ring bearers—they are so unpredictable yet always entertaining and adorable!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-125 This moment between Victoria and her dad melted my heart when they were walking down the aisle.

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-126 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-127

Patiently waiting for his bride’s hand.

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-128 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-129 YUM!  This cheesecake looked amazing—so did the other two kinds of cheesecake, pie, brownies, cupcakes and cake!  My kind of party!W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-131 How could anyone resist a brownie like this?

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-132 These two groomsmen did an awesome tribute to the couple in lieu of toasts through a variety of songs.  Wonderfully touching and funny at the same time!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-133 If you were at the reception you’ll know what I mean when I say this moment was caught during the projection of a video clip involving a rap-star, the ABC’s, a rubber ducky and the groom.  Definitely the funniest thing I have EVER seen at a wedding and I don’t even know how to explain to you!

W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-134 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-135 W8-23-09VictoriaandAndy-136 See—that smile never came off his face all day!  First dance.



I also loved this moment between Victoria and her dad during the father-daughter dance.  I’m not so certain dad was ready to send Victoria off to England.


Thanks again to Victoria, Andy and your families—you were all SO kind and welcoming!  The rest of the images will be online within a couple of weeks!