Anna - A Senior with Her Horses | Redmond WA Senior Photographer

I was SO excited when Anna contacted me to photograph her senior session with her horses on so many levels!  Anna used to be my neighbor growing up...she was the adorable little girl next door with big eyes and the sweetest smile.  In fact, I often babysat her and her older sister until they moved down to Redmond after a few years.  The last time I saw Anna was at my wedding almost 8 years ago so couldn't wait to head down to their home for a little reunion and photo shoot   And really, any session that includes horses is going to be awesome!  I couldn't believe how gorgeous Anna is now when I got out of my truck at their house for her session!  My little neighbor girl is seriously gorgeous these days! Thank you so much Mitch, Tracy and Anna for letting me come down and photograph Anna!  It was so great to see you all!  I really hope to see you sooner than 8 years from now!

All of the session images are online, you can check them out by going to and clicking on Proofing.