Avery | Bellingham Child Photographer

EDIT TO ADD:  All of Avery’s session images are available here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

Saturday morning was a fantastic day to celebrate spring with the cutest, sweetest little girl and her family!  Little Avery has so much personality—it was a blast trying to capture it all with the camera!  We ran around Fairhaven playing in the sun and enjoying the day. Avery’s mom and I went to high school together briefly and became great friends—it was so wonderful to catch up and meet her  fantastic family!

Thank you so much to Avery, her parents and her babysitter (aka Sissy) for a wonderful morning!  It was so much fun running around with you all!  I hope we can play again real soon!

Avery & Sissy—so adorable!  I love their close relationship!

BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-100 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-101 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-102 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-103 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-104 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-105 I love all of Avery’s expressions!

BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-106 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-107 We found some rocks!

BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-108 We threw some rocks!

BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-109 I LOVE this picture!  Avery h as such

a fun personality!

BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-110 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-111 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-112 With a little imagination we found a nest and an egg!

BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-113 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-114 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-115 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-116 BellinghamChildPhotographer3-20-10Avery-117 Mom and Dad-induced giggles!  My favorite!