Baby T and Nana!

Here is a little news update of the technical kind--I currently use to host my images on the blog so that they can be viewed bigger. However, quite a few places are blocking this website (or anything directed from there, such as my pictures) due to some inappropriate content also hosted on the site. So--I'm going to be posting some smaller pictures for now until I kind find a better solution so that everyone can enjoy the pictures. I hope you don't mind, hopefully it is temporary! Unfortunately, this also appears to be making my images look kinda funny as well as small...I'll be quickly searching for a new solution!

EDIT TO ADD: OK, I found a temporary fix to make the images bigger-yay! Sorry for the picture spacing is a little tricky this way! Who knew I'd learn so much html coding?!

On to the photos--about a month ago (boy does time fly!) we had a little mini session with Baby T and her Nana. I loved capturing some of the adorable things Baby T is up to these days as pretty soon she'll be all grown and have no use for such simple amusement. A special thanks to Nana and Baby T for letting me photograph their fun!

How could you not fall in love with this precious face!?