Because I have a stalker…

I have a stalker—a blog stalker!  I must say those are the best kind of stalkers and I welcome them with open arms (as long as you aren’t creepy and don’t become a real-life stalker).  This stalker looks at my blog every day.  Many, many times a day.  She’s even asked me to email or call her if I post something.  I should introduce her to RSS feeds or Google Reader but I haven’t.  Know why?  Because I like hearing that she cares about what I post.  I guess I’m selfish.  It must be a little sister thing to do.  I’ve always looked up to my stalker as my big sister so it feels pretty awesome to know that she loves to see what I’m up to.  Even if it means I have a stalker.

And because she is stalking this blog around the clock since I did a session for her yesterday morning I figured I should post something so I don’t disappoint her.  Except—I am going to disappoint her.  I took pictures of her beautiful grey mare running through long grass yesterday morning while she was watching.  But when she wasn’t watching I took pictures of her beautiful blonde girl playing in the long grass yesterday morning.  And even though I’ve known her horse about 10 times longer than her daughter, I love her daughter more.  So she gets to be on the blog first.  Sorry to disappoint Jenn!

IMG_9838-Edit IMG_9841-Edit IMG_9844-Edit IMG_9855-Edit