Ben & Melissa – Engagement Session | Ferndale Engagement Photographer

What a beautiful day it was when I got to photograph this absolutely adorable couple from Oregon for their engagement session.  We started early in the day when it was quite cold but Melissa rocked her skirt and didn’t complain an ounce!  I can’t wait for their upcoming wedding—they are so naturally fantastic in front of the camera!

Thanks so much Ben and Melissa!  You can check out all of the session images here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-200 FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-201 FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-202 FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-203 FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-204 FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-205 FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-206I love the beauty in the peacefulness of this shot.

FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-207 FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-208 FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-209 Below is my favorite image I think—when I grow up I want to have legs just like Melissa!  I think I’ll need to grow a foot taller to get them though…

FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-210 FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-211 FerndaleEngagementPhotographerE2-610Ben&Melissa-212