Ben & Melissa | Lynden Wedding Photographer

What a gorgeous day we had earlier this month for Ben and Melissa’s beautiful country wedding!  You can tell how completely and tenderly these two love each other just by watching them together.  We hit up some wonderful spots in north Whatcom County to capture some portraits before all the festivities began.  The wedding took place in Lynden with a hilarious, eventful reception held at Melissa’s parent’s gorgeous old school house.  I loved all the details that Melissa worked into the wedding—her flowers, the mason jars with candles, the buckets of white and chocolate milk, strawberry shortcake dessert—it all worked together to complete one beautiful day.

Thank you so much Ben and Melissa—you two were fabulous to work with!  I hope you had a great honeymoon!

Check out my favorite images below as well as a video of even more of my favorites and a bit of video I captured throughout the day on my Canon 5D Mark II (have I mentioned how much I love that camera?  My favorite!)!

All of Ben and Melissa’s wedding images online, click here or on the Proofing link at the top to see them.  Enjoy!

I loved her dress!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-100 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-101 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-102 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-103 My favorite part of the whole day was when Ben saw Melissa for the first time.  I think he said “Wow” about 20 times—he couldn’t take his eyes off of her and I can’t blame him, she looked absolutely stunning!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-104 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-105 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-106 I could have shot all of the portraits right here—color, texture and a bit of the unusual—my favorite type of place of play!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-107 Working it like supermodels…gorgeous!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-108 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-109 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-110 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-111 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-112 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-113 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-114 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-115 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-116 The reception was stunning!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-117 A wonderful touch—wedding pictures from all of the bride and groom’s family members’. 

LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-118 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-119 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-120 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-121 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-122 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-123 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-124 Best cake smashing in awhile—check out the slideshow for the complete series!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-125 I love this father/daughter dance image!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-126 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-127 LyndenWeddingPhotographerW6-12-10Ben&Melissa-128