Big News–Studio | Lynden Photographer

I am SO excited to finally share the news that big changes are on the way for Stephanie Stremler Photography!  We have begun the process of remodeling an outbuilding on our property to become a fabulous meeting space and natural light studio for Stephanie Stremler Photography!  I am beyond thrilled to have a wonderful, warm, modern space to photograph newborns, babies, toddlers and anyone else when the weather is not cooperating!  I wish I could describe just how awesome this space is going to be – but you will just have to trust my judgment for now as I don’t have any complete sketches of the final look.  Here is a little taste:

-Light & bright!  As a mainly natural light studio we have three big windows to install, sparkling white walls and crisp, white furniture.

-Cozy & comfy!  We’ve got a sexy, modern gas fireplace to heat the place, hot (and cold) beverages to drink and a relaxed atmosphere for pre-session consults, ordering consultations and wedding planning meetings.

We’ve got a lot of work to do but we hope to have at least all the structural work done by the end-ish of April.  I’ll keep you posted along the way of the progress we are making!  Coming up this weekend – finish clearing out the building and raise the floor with gravel so we can pour a new, 12” higher concrete floor.

Here are the before pictures I took this morning in the snow – boy I can’t wait to see this all finished!  The entire building will be resided and painted to match our house, yay!

Below is the side of the building that faces our backyard – the door will be placed with a nice, new door and the two small barn windows will be removed.  The window on the right will be replaced with a large, vinyl window.


Below is the side of the building that faces our driveway.  The two garage doors will be removed and replaced with two large vinyl windows and a covered entrance on the left for clients.



Here is the inside right now – a mess of firewood and leftover building supplies from our house. 


This is the one thing I will miss from the building – my potting bench that Brandon built for me when we first got married.  We spent several nights out there working on it so I would have a nice place to pot plants and organize all my gardening things.  I’m sad to see it go!