Sometimes you just have to sit back and count your blessings.

Here are some of mine:

1. I have a wonderful family who unconditionally loves me. What a gift!

2. An adorable husband who has made me laugh so hard in the last couple of weeks even when I wanted to grit my teeth and be grumpy.

3. The sweetest little nieces who give the best little hugs and smiles.

4. Fantastic friends & family that have shared some awesome summer memories with me—picking blackberries, eating blackberries, early sunrise walks, warm days on the lake, garden successes and impromptu gatherings on our new back patio!

5. The sun shining and the rain pouring.

6. A new house full of modern conveniences—I’ve never been more grateful for indoor plumbing! I have a new appreciation for toilets, kitchen sinks, hot showers, washers and dryers!

7. The new growth on some favorite plants that I had considered victims of the house building process. I think they got a little jealous when I brought home the replacement plants I found on sale…

8. I’ve met my goal to lose a few pesky pounds! YAY! New swim suit for me!

9. There is a baby boom going on—and while we’re not participating—we are SO excited for our friends and family who are expecting! I can’t wait to meet all the new little ones!

10. It is almost Fair week here in Lynden—which rivals Christmas as my favorite time of year. Ohhh---I can just smell the cotton candy and cow manure! I’ve been prioritizing my food needs for next week, which might create some problems for blessing #8, but so far I must eat the following:

a. Mini cinnamon sugar doughnuts

b. Scone

c. Curly Fries

d. Moo-wich

e. Dairy Wives raspberry milkshake

f. Fresh squeezed lemonade

g. Any other deliciously amazing treats that cross my path!


Here are a few pictures I dug up from previous fairs.  This year I’ll have to get pictures of the food—and baby pigs!