Brannan Family | Lynden Family Photographer

Last weekend I had such a great time photographing an absolutely adorable family (minus Dad who is currently serving his country and was unable to be here for the session) during a mini session at Berthusen Park!  There is something so fun about photographing a bunch of little boys and these three were a delight!  They were so sweet, smart and loving to each other!  Plus they called me Miss Stephanie which won them a ton of extra bonus points!  I knew their mom growing up, though I haven’t seen her for at least 12-15 years so it was wonderful catching up on life and talking about babies!

Thanks again Rachael, Jarrod, Devin and Erick—I loved playing in the park with you all!  Thanks also for the sacrifice your family is making to keep all of us safe!  I can only imagine what that entails and I hope you know just how appreciative we are of it.  All of the session images are online, click on the Proofing link above.  Enjoy! 

A little supermodel attitude to start the day!  So cute!





My favorite—these three boys are absolutely precious!F1-15-11Brannan-104

Little Erick’s face is priceless!F1-15-11Brannan-105