Brennen – 18 Months

EDIT TO ADD: All of Brennen's pictures can be seen here, or by clicking on the Online Ordering links above. Enjoy!

Some things just come adorable. When I think of adorable several things pop into my mind—tiny little puppies, sweet little grandmas, skipping little girls in pink tutus and little toddler boys with spiky hair and big smiles!

Last Saturday I had an awesome time photographing Brennen for his 18 month session. Brennen did not disappoint in bringing on the adorableness.

Seriously—I don’t believe Brennen could get any more adorable! I loved chasing him through Berthusen Park, seeing what interested him (mostly tractors!) and laughing with his awesome mom, Nicole. Thanks so much for hanging out with me Nicole and Brennen and making me smile everytime I look at these pictures! Here is your sneak peak—the rest will be up within a week.

IMG_2231-Edit IMG_2287-Edit IMG_2322-Edit IMG_2391-Edit IMG_2404-Edit IMG_2448-Edit IMG_2519-Edit IMG_2534-Edit IMG_2634-Edit IMG_2674-Edit IMG_2684-Edit