Brian & Sarah – Engagement Session | Bellingham Wedding Photographer

What a fabulous time I had getting to know Brian and Sarah up at the Mt.

Baker Ski Lodge while photographing their engagement session.  These two are so great together—I can’t wait for their wedding in 2010!  This session was so fun and so cold—36 degrees!  But braving the weather was so worth it!  Thanks again Brian and Sarah!  All of Brian and Sarah’s images are available here or click on the Online Ordering links above!  Enjoy!


Brian and Sarah met and got engaged at the lodge in the back ground below! 

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE10-24-09Sarah&Brian-100 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE10-24-09Sarah&Brian-101 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE10-24-09Sarah&Brian-102 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE10-24-09Sarah&Brian-103 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE10-24-09Sarah&Brian-104 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE10-24-09Sarah&Brian-105 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE10-24-09Sarah&Brian-106 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE10-24-09Sarah&Brian-107 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE10-24-09Sarah&Brian-108 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE10-24-09Sarah&Brian-109