Brielle | Everson Newborn Photographer

This week I got photograph the most adorable baby girl—sweet little Brielle!  I adore Brielle’s name, don’t you?!  We’ve been anxiously anticipating her arrival as she tried to join the world a couple months early.  Thankfully she decided to stay warm and hang on a little longer in order to reach a nice, safe age to be born.   She tried to stay wide awake for her session but we finally coaxed her into a little nap so we could get some cozy, cuddly, sleepy newborn pictures. 

Brielle joins Lance, Jessica and Colby to make a perfect little family of four.  I’m so excited for all of you on the birth of sweet little Brielle.  Thank you for letting me document this exciting time in your lives and get my baby fix this week!  I can’t wait to see how much she grows by her next session!

EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-100  EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-102 EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-103 EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-104 EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-105 EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-106 EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-107 EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-108 EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-109 I told you she is perfectly adorable!

EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-110 EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-111 Squishy baby faces—it is amazing how many different faces you can get out of a newborn in just a few minutes!

EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-112 EversonBabyPhotographerN5-4-10Brielle-101