Brittany! Post 2

Brittany is such an awesome girl--she is just as beautiful inside as out. I've known her for several years now as she trains with JH Training, which my sister owns. She is hard working and a delight to hang around with. I can't believe she is a senior--but I'm so excited to see what is in store for her future!
All of her pictures should be online by the end of the week--keep an eye out for the next Brittany post, including a cameo appearance by her beautiful Arabian mare!

Brittany's family cat had the most adorable litter of kittens I've ever seen! Check out the colors of these little ones! There are plenty more where these came from and if you are in the market for the most adorable kittens on earth, let me know and I'll have Brittany hook you up!

Brittany's mom and I had her put on her boots with this dress because they went so well together. Plus--the boots are smokin' (and I own the exact same pair!) so we had to make sure they got seen! Brittany--if you wear these to homecoming with this dress you will be my hero!