Business Update | Lynden, WA Photographer

Wow!  I have been busy, busy, busy!  Between working on the new studio (painting during naps, choosing finishes, ordering samples, shopping!), some amazing sessions and totally overhauling all of my business documents and paperwork to make things simpler, prettier and awesome-er, I’ve just been going nonstop (not to mention still trying to pull off being a half decent wife and and fairly fun mama – wow, we women have a lot on our plates!).  We’ve been a little tired around here but I am SO over-the-top excited about all the changes coming! 

I can’t wait to reveal the studio in all of its completed glory in just a few weeks and start using all my pretty new forms and information packets.  I also can’t wait to get all the stuff for the new studio out of my house, garage and shop!  It is hard to stash all this stuff out of Paisley’s reach so it all doesn’t get trashed before it even makes it into the studio.  I’ve got chairs & a chandelier in my bedroom, rugs and backdrops under my bed, a GIANT box of canvases in my closet, a bunch of awesome frames & all my newborn props in my office, a changing table, baby posing ottoman, props, etc. in my garage, loveseat and shelves in our shop…oh my goodness there is stuff everywhere!  My husband keeps begging me not to buy anything else for the studio until it is done but I just can’t help myself, you might have guessed but I’m having quite a bit of fun with it!! 

Stay tuned for some fantastic sessions in the next couple weeks – sweet 2 year old Brielle, perfect newborn Ada, gorgeous senior Tasha and glowing mama-to-be Jenine!

In the meantime, here are a few little sneak peaks at some of the sample items waiting to go up in the new studio.  I can’t get over how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these jewelry pieces and frames!  Seriously, I wish I could stand on the street corner and pass them out to everyone I see!  Everyone deserves a handmade jewelry piece featuring their most beloved (those baby girls are all worth way more than diamonds to their mamas I can guarantee that!) and who wouldn’t want a fantastically, whimsical, colorful frame to show off their children?  You will have to come into the studio in a few weeks to check each of these out!!  The top two jewelry pieces are necklaces and next is a charm bracelet which I am swooning over!

Newborn BabyNewborn BabyNewborn Baby