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I hope you are enjoying these Monday Mama posts!  I have been having a blast thinking up post ideas, doing research and sharing my thoughts.  This week I have just found a new website and I cannot wait to share it with you!!  I had started a couple other posts to use but once I found this website I realized I couldn't withhold this info from you any longer!! As a mom, sometimes I just need to get out of the house!  Can you relate?  I love my home, but there is only so long you and your family can stare at eachother and the same walls.  We usually end up wandering local shops, parks or roads but sometimes we want to mix it up!  We want to celebrate!  We want to do something exciting!  Are you with me?  I know about a few local festivals and activities that we love to go to but what else is out there? new favorite family website -!  They also have a facebook page so be sure to check that out too for the most up-to-date info!

Play. Learn. Grow. Explore. Connect. Look. Laugh. Love.

This awesome resource is packed full of Whatcom County and Bellingham events for families.  Festivals, bike rides, playdates, competitions, fundraisers, reading times...SO many activities to keep your families busy and having fun.  The site provides detailed info about the event - all the why, what, when, where, cost etc as well as pictures and history in some cases.

Here is some info straight from the website:

"Whatcom County and Bellingham are fantastic places to raise families. As fabulous as our communities are, we need a place to connect and share resources and information. Whatcom Families strives to provide a home base from which you can plan adventures, be inspired, get support, and find connections. We hope you’ll be an active participant and help make this place valuable as a hangout, and find it a springboard to nurturing and enjoying your family and this community. "

The site is maintained by a busy mama donating her time to make our lives more awesome - isn't that fantastic!?  In talking to her she mentioned that she would love to hear your feedback on what types of events you'd like featured on the site so be sure to leave some of your favorite types of events in the comments below or any other feedback you have for her.

Check out the site, like it on FB and get those kids out of the house this summer!  You will be the coolest mama on the block!

Here are a few snapshots from my recent adventure to Woodland Park Zoo a week ago with my sister and six kids ages 1-5!  We had a lot of fun and came home with the same number of kids we started with - which I think is a great accomplishment!  :)  Looking forward to heading to some more local adventures in the next few months.

Want a couple "how do I attend a crowded place with lots of kids" tips?  Well...I am no expert as I usually only go places with one baby but here is what we came up with for this adventure:

  • We attached straps (dog leashes...but don't tell the kids that!) to the strollers that the older kids held on to while we walked along.  This gave them boundaries and ensured they stayed close but also gave them a little freedom.
  • Us adults did a lot of counting and math...all day long.  Everytime we left an exhibit or the kids switched positions in the strollers/walking order we would call out how many kids each of us had and always made sure the numbers added up to 6 kids.  I've never been more competent in adding up to six in my live.
  • When all else fails, bribe with a treat.  Sometimes kids just need to up that blood suger a bit to get a smile back on their face!

What do you do to make family outings fun and less daunting?  I would LOVE to hear about it in the comments below and I'm sure other mamas would be grateful too!!

Here is my little butterfly Paisley!

 All six kids!

 Paisley and me taking a break from the stroller!

 Little Angel, downing her ice cream!

 Mmmm, ice cream cone crazy!

 Daniel loves his ice cream too!

 Paisley's no-nap melt down was cured with a little ice cream...thank goodness.  :)


Imagination Fun Run | Lynden Event Photographer

This morning I had a wonderful time photographing the Imagination Fun Run 5k and kids dash in Lynden which was held to support the Lynden Destination Imagination team.  We had a great time in the sun and there was an awesome turn out.  I’m off to shoot a senior session so I’ll just leave you with some of my favorite images from the morning.

All event images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!


This woman is AMAZING!  She ran super fast, won the race overall and is four months pregnant.  Seriously amazing!

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-100 Second place—also super fast—and winner of the men’s division!

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-101 There were a ton of kids running the 5k—these two did particularly well!  Nice job boys!

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-102 LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-103 Kids dash pictures!  This was my favorite part of the day—

these sweet little kids all ran a MILE!  I figured a 100 yard dash would be adequate but these kids proved they can out run me any day.

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-104 LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-105 LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-106 This adorable girl had her own entourage and paparazzi—but you can’t blame her supportive family, she is absolutely precious!

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-107 I loved all the support these children received in their race!

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-108 LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-109 This little fellow stole my heart—he is tiny, seriously shorter then my hip and yet he ran a WHOLE mile!  My hero!  When I grow up I want to be just like him!