Tales From the Mama Trenches | Being THAT Mom

Today I was THAT mom at the grocery store. I was late bringing a new mom her dinner, I was so late that I couldn't go home and get her meal so I stopped at Safeway to pick something up. Weston was overtired and getting hungry - he'd been crying in the truck for 20 minutes already and continued to cry in the Ergo as we entered the store. In some random baby, toddler, cart shuffle I somehow accidentally poked Paisley in the eye - really hard. Soon I had two of my sweet babies screaming and crying hysterically just inside the entrance of the store. I was cradling them both feeling terribly helpless and guilty as I couldn't console either of them, I created the problems and I really needed to get this new mama her dinner.

I apologetically smiled to strangers as they walked by feeling like the worst mom and praying somehow my soothing and distraction techniques would work soon as we huddled by the soup cart.

A whole lot of people avoided eye contact and kept going.

One person walked by, looked at me, rolled their eyes and grumbled, "meltdown!".

One person, Safeway employee, stopped, asked if we were ok and asked if we needed some water or any else and seemed genuinely concerned.

How I hope to be that type of person. I want to lift people up. I want to offer kindness even when I don't know the situation and whys. I want to be a little bit of light when someone's moment is very dark.

Today I am thankful for kind words from a stranger and fruit snacks that solve almost any three year old's problems...even if their mom did almost blind them.

Allison - Hulbert Families | Bellingham Family Photographer

I ADORED this session with some of my very regular clients.  These kids are so much fun to photograph each year and Ashley and John are pretty awesome too!!  My cheeks are always sore from laughing so hard after each session with these guys!  I love being a Bellingham family photographer! PS - check out their awesome coordination with their clothes, the perfect blend of mix and match.

Thanks so much Ashley for bringing your very special people in your life to me to photograph once again.  You have no idea how much I love shooting you all.

Willis Family | Everett Family Photographer

Another beautiful family session on the blog today!  It is so much fun to photograph families year after year and see how they have changed!  The Willis family has grown over the years and it has been a blast documenting each stage and age of their littles!  I LOVE being the Willis' family photographer! This time we played at Berthusen Park in Lynden, WA with all kinds of fun things - nerf toys, tractors, dandelions, hay wagons!  I love incorporating activities into sessions and brainstorming with moms about what their family enjoys before the sessions.

Thanks so much Rachel and James for making the big trek up from Everett, WA for your session!!  It was so great to see you all again!!



Rudy Family | Lynden Family Photographer

SOO much fun playing with the Rudy family at Berthusen Park in Lynden, WA.  Little Olen is such a sweetheart and his parents are so awesome too! Thanks so much Rudy family for a great morning in the park!!  I had such a great time documenting your little peanut!



Lynden Family Photographer