Lightroom Preset Share

CAUTION--potentially boring (for the non-photographer), photography tech-talk follows, read at your own risk!

For Christmas my dad bought me Lightroom software. Thanks Dad!! This software has been an amazing time saver for my basic post-processing and editing work. If you aren't familiar with Lightroom, think of it as a darkroom for digital images (plus a whole lot of other great goodies!).

Since I know several fellow photographers read my blog, I thought I'd post a recent preset I made tonight while trying to find a good basic preset for most of my images. This preset bumps up the warmth and blacks a smidge. It also adds a little color boost. It does not correct exposure/white balance/sharpen etc.

I named the preset "Baby Pop" in honor of my darling niece, Baby T (no that is not her real name...), who is featured in the example below. Enjoy and please let me know in the comments below if it is working for you. Feel free to use on your personal and client images however do not sell as your own or resell in any way. Thank you in advance for respecting my use terms.

Preset: Download Baby_Pop.lrtemplate