Anna - A Senior with Her Horses | Redmond WA Senior Photographer

I was SO excited when Anna contacted me to photograph her senior session with her horses on so many levels!  Anna used to be my neighbor growing up...she was the adorable little girl next door with big eyes and the sweetest smile.  In fact, I often babysat her and her older sister until they moved down to Redmond after a few years.  The last time I saw Anna was at my wedding almost 8 years ago so couldn't wait to head down to their home for a little reunion and photo shoot   And really, any session that includes horses is going to be awesome!  I couldn't believe how gorgeous Anna is now when I got out of my truck at their house for her session!  My little neighbor girl is seriously gorgeous these days! Thank you so much Mitch, Tracy and Anna for letting me come down and photograph Anna!  It was so great to see you all!  I really hope to see you sooner than 8 years from now!

All of the session images are online, you can check them out by going to and clicking on Proofing.

Bronkema Family | Lynden Family Photographer

Beautiful family, awesome senior double session with the Bronkema's at their beautiful country home was wonderful!  This was my third session of that weekend shooting with an awesome old truck and I'm beginning to think incorporating old trucks might be a requirement for all future sessions!  They are just awesome!  I LOVE this one with all its family history and awesome vintage look. Thank you so much to the Bronkema family!  You all are so kind and fun!  Best wishes on the rest of your senior year - Tucker!  Sounds like you are well on your way to greatness!  I can't wait to shoot you all again when it is Ryder's turn for senior pictures (or before!)!

All the session images are online, check them out by clicking on Proofing above.


Sierra | Lynden Senior Photographer

This session was perfect in every way—beautiful girl (on the inside & out), truck, dog, horse, sunshine…seriously couldn’t get any better.  We had a great time capturing everything Sierra loves and honestly they are things I love too so it made my job so fun!  Sierra is such a fun, sweet girl with great ambitions and goals.  I wish you the best in the rest of your nurs

ing career path and training and a great senior year!

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Alec | Lynden Senior Photographer

It is senior time again!  I love photographing seniors!  Alec is a great guy with a passion for hunting and the outdoors.  We had awesome summer weather for his session and had a great time wandering through 20 acres of tall grass, trees and rustic buildings for his session.  Not only did we have a great location but Alec also brought his truck and gun to to use in his pictures which pretty much made the session perfect!  Great senior, awesome location and fun stuff to play with in dreamy summer evening light…it really couldn’ t ge

t any better.

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Tyler & Josh | Bellingham Senior Photographer

This week I had a great time getting to know two senior boys while taking their senior pictures.  These two cousins were so great to photograph as we documented some of their favorite things—their trucks and bikes—and were up for anything as we wandered around Fairhaven’s waterfront. I love photographing seniors with

things that are important to them and I just can’t get enough of photographing boys and their toys.  I couldn’t have asked for two more fun guys to photograph and their family members and friends that joined us for the evening were great to hang out with.

Thanks again guys—I hope you have a wonderful rest of your senior year and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.  You two can hang out in front of my camera any day—you are awesome models!

All of their session images are online—click on the Proofing link above to check them out.  Enjoy!

Josh as a great serious face which both his mom and my camera loved so we played it up during the session.








Tyler’s amazing brown eyes really lit up his face so I played those up .