September Skye Bags & Accessories | Lynden, WA Small Business Feature

I'm so excited to start featuring some of my very favorite local business on the blog!  Most of them are run by mamas who are working hard being full time mamas and business women.  These ladies are creating and selling amazing things, offering a fantastic customer experience and are incredibly awesome people - beautiful on the inside and out! To start things off right, today's post features Debbie Bajema who is the amazing seamstress and entrepreneur of September Skye Bags & Accessories.  You can check out her work at and contact her at

Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less:

I am a full time mom to Brinkley, Harper and Sawyer and a wife to Marc. We love camping, spending time with our families and friends and recently have taken on the hobby of growing mass quantities of annual flowers. We are daily seekers of the Lord and know that without Him, we are nothing.

What does your work space look like?

My work space is a chaotic mess. I like to think it's organized chaos, but it's just chaos. I use up a room in our basement just for crafting and sewing. Thankful for a husband that made this a priority for me when we were looking for a new home!

How long have you been in business?

I'm entering in my 3rd year of business but I took about 10 months off to move and have Sawyer.

Show us your favorite two pieces and tell us why they are your favorite:

My favorite items in my shop right now are the Weekender and the Crayon Wallet. The weekender because it was a multiple customer request and then to find a pattern that I really loved and my customers have loved even more, is so rewarding. It's HUGE and it zips - which is a first for my bags! It's also HUGE. Did I say that already? :) I also love the Crayon Wallet. My kids have used and abused theirs and it's small and a quiet toy for them to take out. It's also just really fun to pick out kid prints for something different.

What shop (other than your own of course) is your favorite place to shop/browse and why?

I have a lot of favorite Etsy shops! Some of my favorites are theBackyardGardener, Vintage Dutch Girl and PinkDoorFabrics. I LOVE weddings and home decor - so Kim's wreaths and ideas are out of the box original. I love Amanda's cozy knit infinity scarves and maxi skirts and PinkDoorFabrics is just fun to browse through their awesome fabric selection!

What motivates or inspires you?

My main inspiration is color and vintage prints but I also need everything I make to be practical. I'm a mom so even though I love pretty things, they have to withstand a beating from my children, if they can' isn't happening.

What is one tip you can share with others?

My tip I would share with others is to always make things that you love and would use yourself.


Thanks so much Debbie for sharing about yourself & your business!!  

Jaclyn | Lynden Baby Photographer

There is nothing sweeter than photographing precious little babies - I could do it all day long!  Little Jaclyn was so much fun to photograph!  Not quite a sleepy newborn, she was awake and alert through her session which was a fun change. Thank you so much Barbi, JJ and Jaclyn for an awesome session!  Your family is so beautiful, inside and out!

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