Chad, Gloria & Colby – Family Session | Lynden Family Photographer

We braved rain and coldness as we wandered through Berthusen Park but we had a great time getting some family shots for this family!  Colby was full of fun and laughs—what a sweet boy he is!  It was great getting to know you all—next time we will find some sunshine!  Thanks so much!

All of the session images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-28-09Bosman-100 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-28-09Bosman-101 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-28-09Bosman-102 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-28-09Bosman-103 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-28-09Bosman-104 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-28-09Bosman-105 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-28-09Bosman-106  LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-28-09Bosman-108 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-28-09Bosman-109 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-28-09Bosman-110