Choices, choices!

This is a post just for Kim--ok, you can sneak a peak too! And I'll even let you vote! Kim is looking for a vintage feel for some of her photos to go along with her wedding theme. I've done for different post processing techniques on one photo below. You can vote for your favorite style in the comments box below to give me some feedback on future projects. Kim--please email or post a comment and let me know which you like best.

By the way: Picture "SOOTC" is straight out of the camera-ish (a few basic corrections have been made) for comparison. "A-E" are the vintage-styles (I'm sorry the pictures are so small...but hopefully you can get a sense for the overall tone of the picture).

Thanks for voting! I appreciate your feedback!

P.S. Don't worry--there are more pictures to be posted from this session! Keep checking back!