Colby – 1 Year | Lynden Baby Photographer

All of Colby’s session images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!!

It seems like I was just taking pictures of little Colby as a newborn!  I can’t believe he is one year old now!!  He has grown a ton and is the most precious little guy—such a little, smiley, cheerful fellow!  Thank you so much Jessica, Lance and little Colby for a wonderful afternoon at the park!  We couldn’t have had better weather or more beautiful fall colors!  Colby’s outfits were absolutely precious—I just love accessories and laying—they give images just an extra bit of character!  I also loved how they brought Colby’s new John Deere w agon to person

alize the session a bit!

LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-100 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-101 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-102 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-103 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-104 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-105 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-106 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-107  LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-109 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-110 Here Colby is demonstrating just how big he is!!

LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-111 LyndenFamilyPhotographerF11-1-09Colby-112