Colby – 7 Months

EDIT TO ADD: All of Colby's session images are now online! Check the out here or by clicking on the Online Ordering links above. Enjoy!!

Check out these adorable pictures of little Colby! It seems like I was just shooting his mom’s maternity session! I can’t believe how big he has gotten in just a few months! Colby’s bright blue eyes are so captivating—they match his momma’s! Thanks so much Jessica and Colby for a great session! The rest of your images will be up within a week.


The many faces of Colby—I think this storyboard should be printed big and hung in his nursery!

Colby 7 Mos Storyboard My favorite!

IMG_0042-Edit-2 Colby may have more baby toys than any baby I’ve ever seen—they sure make him happy!

IMG_0060-Edit-2 I love this one too—I could never say no to those big eyes!

IMG_0140-Edit-2 IMG_0180-Edit-2 Baby fists grabbing grass…it doesn’t get any better!

IMG_0325-Edit-2 The skinny minis—Jess you look amazing!

IMG_0360-Edit-2 IMG_0388-Edit-2 IMG_0402-Edit-2 I think this shot captures everyday life…mom and baby on the go!

IMG_0438-Edit-2 IMG_0517-Edit-2 Laughing and smiling—he’s all grown up!


Thanks again guys!!!