Creative Stoneworks – Bellingham Commercial Photographer

Before I went to Maui I had the opportunity to photograph several gorgeous granite jobs in a handful of truly beautiful homes.  I love seeing all of the combinations of stone and cabinets, the color and variety of the stones and the perfect job that Creative Stoneworks does at each home.  Here are some of my favorites—the rest will be on display at the Creative Stoneworks showroom and on their website where my prior work for them is also featured.

I love how big this upper bar is! Great for entertaining and made out of one solid piece of granite!

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-100 CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-101 We almost choose this stone for our kitchen and I love it to pieces!  I love all of the motion and color!

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-102 Check out the details in this kitchen—including the contrasting stone on the upper bar!  Gorgeous!

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-103 CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-104 CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-105 Modern elegance—this huge bar doubles as a daily kitchen table!  PS—this lovely couple has the quietest dish washer I almost didn't hear (I only noticed some running water sounds coming from the general area as I bent down near the dish washer) from DeWaard and Bode in Bellingham.  Dear Brandon—can you guess what I want for my birthday?  Hint, hint – it barely makes a sound!

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-106 CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-107 This laundry room belongs to me—it makes laundry so much more enjoyable!

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-108 This is our kitchen too—notice the bowl and rag under the dishwasher…it is leaking and is the only appliance we kept from our old house.  However, after you notice that, please note my amazingly large island out of one piece of granite (yep, we don’t have bar stools yet…someday!), our full height granite backsplash and my double oven—these are my three favorite things in my kitchen!  They help ease the pain of the leaking dishwasher!

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-109 Welcome to my master bath! The granite tub surround makes cleaning around the tub super simple—no messy grout lines to worry about = one happy home owner! 

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-110 Don’t tell anyone but you are in my shower!  This bench makes my day and those stones on the floor keep

my feet happy and slip-free.

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-111 I love this crazy colored stone and even more I love the courage of the home owners who put this in their kitchen!  It looks amazing and is quite a conversation starter.  I can’t keep my eyes off of it!

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-112 CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-113 Blue Pearl granite shower with built in shelves and bench—stunning!

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-114 CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-115  CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-117 CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-118 You can’t help but have a smile on your face when you wake up to this master bath vanity everyday.  Gorgeous!

CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-119 CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-120 This kitchen’s long granite counters, granite windowsills and curved upper bar makes for one beautiful work and entertaining space!

iveStoneworks-121 CommercialPhotographerGraniteCreativeStoneworks-122 Such a peaceful and soothing kitchen—I love the tone on tone whites and grays!  This big island makes me want to grab a cup of hot chocolate and stay awhile.


Thank you so much to the sweet, accommodating, wonderful home owners who let me in to photograph their beautiful homes!