Daisy Belle - Purrrty Kitty

We have four pets--one horse (Rascal), one puppy (Diesel), one kitty (Daisy) and one gold fish (he/she doesn't have a name...he lives in our water trough). Miss Daisy Belle is the first furry pet Brandon and I got as a married couple. We asked the neighbors, who own a dairy farm, to let us know when they had kittens because we were interested in getting one. I had my heart set on getting a little orange kitten so that I could name it "Carrot." But when they showed us the box full of kittens I just couldn' t leave wi

thout the little calico too. So we went home that night with two kittens--one orange and one calico. The kittens happened to be too young to eat on their own so we had to bottle feed them, which wasn't our plan but I had done it in the past so I figured it would be ok.

Unfortunately little Carrot was too weak without his mommy and passed on to kitten heaven...despite our vast attempts to help him with fluid injections, heating pads and special medicine. So my hopes of owning a little "Carrot" were brought to a tearful end. Thankfully, I had one little kitten left to mend my heart--Miss Daisy.
While Daisy has been a wonderful cat, she also has been an adventurous one. I'm so thankful she has stopped hitch hiking to other towns (I'm not kidding).
Now Daisy spends her days hunting (she loves frog legs and birds), sleeping on her hay bed, and curling up with our puppy Diesel on the back steps. And because Daisy looks just so lovely with all of the fall foliage I just couldn't resist a little fall photo shoot. Enjoy!