Dan & Leea | Ferndale Wedding Photographer

I don’t even know where to start with this wedding!  The best couple, gorgeous venue (I love Evergreen Gardens!), amazing details (seriously check out the floral work below from the amazing Backyard Gardener and the stunning cake from Mechealle DeVries), beautiful day…it was perfection all around!  Dan and Leea are so perfect for each other—you can see how much they love each other from a mile away!  Not only was it a perfect day but I got to see so many of my prior wedding couples—it was wonderful to see them all looking just as in love as they did when they were married.

Thanks so much Dan and Leea for a wonderful day!  Your fusion video will be posted within a few days but in the meantime, all of the wedding images are online.  Check them out by clicking on the Proofing button at the top of the page!  PS – stay tuned for more details in the next few months for an exciting announcement regarding these wedding photos!  Can’t wait to share but I think I have to keep you in suspense for awhile longer.




My favorite below—wouldn’t this look amazing on a giant canvas wrap!?



Leea—you are gorgeous!  And Dan, you are pretty handsome yourself!LyndenWeddingPhotographerW8-22-10Dan&Leea-105

Smokin’ hot!LyndenWeddingPhotographerW8-22-10Dan&Leea-106


Second favorite, I might be a little biased though…I’ve got a thing for trucks!




Someone may have had enough of the family pictures…so adorable!




Favorite detail of the day—absolutely gorgeous ceremony site details!LyndenWeddingPhotographerW8-22-10Dan&Leea-112




Dan and Leea had some fabulous flower petal cannons that made for awesome images below during the ceremony!  I highly recommend using them for a unique touch and beautiful pictures.  If you need the rental info just let me know—I can get it for you!LyndenWeddingPhotographerW8-22-10Dan&Leea-116






These two are some of the happiest people I know—always smiling and laughing!  My cheeks hurts at the end of the day from laughing with them for so many hours! LyndenWeddingPhotographerW8-22-10Dan&Leea-122

If I’m allowed to have a non-wedding couple favorite picture this is it!  I photographed Chuck and Jamie’s wedding reception last year and I just love how much they obviously still adore each other.LyndenWeddingPhotographerW8-22-10Dan&Leea-123

Recycled ceremony decorations made for some awesome truck decor…can I just say that I saw Dan and Leea driving down the road the day after the wedding and those flower balls were still hanging from the bumper…hilarious! LyndenWeddingPhotographerW8-22-10Dan&Leea-124