Dan & Leea – Whatcom County Wedding Photographer

I love happy people.  I guess most people do, but it just makes me so happy to see people who are joyful and lighthearted.  That is why I had such a great time at this engagement session last week with Dan and Leea at Hovander Park.  You can’t help but smile and laugh when you are around them.  These two obviously enjoy life, each and every minute of it and it is quite contagious! 

Thank you so much for a wonderful session you two!  I can’t wait for your wedding this summer—it is going to be a gorgeous, delightful occasion and I am so blessed to be able to photograph it for you! 

All of the session images are online here, or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-100 LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-101 LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-102 Leea and Dan both work on their respective family farms so it was only fitting that we got a shot of them with a tractor!

LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-103 LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-104 LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-105 LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-106 LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-107 These next two pictures are hilarious!  These two have some serious ninja/cheerleading skills!

LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-108 LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-109 My favorite!

LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-110 LyndenEngagementPhotographerE6-3-10Dan&Leea-111