Saturday I had a great time photographing little Daniel.  He is just over three weeks old and was perfect to photograph!  I love his little rollie-polly arms and legs, he is so adorable!

Thanks so much to Rachel (mom) and James (dad) for a great session—I hope you are having fun on your vacation to Kentucky!  Eat some Cracker Barrel hash brown casserole for me!  You two are such sweet parents and it was so wonderful to watch you with your little ones.

Here are some of my favorites!

Little Daniel has a long way to go before he grows as big as Dad.  Look how little his hands are compared to James’!

IMG_8147-Edit I am loving all these babies lately with lots of hair!

IMG_7977-Edit Picture perfect!

IMG_8014-Edit IMG_8025-Edit Rachel is so tender with Daniel—you can see how much she loves him!

IMG_8027-Edit See—adorable rollie-polly arms!

IMG_8045-Edit IMG_8047-Edit Big sister found a little time in front of the camera during a brief break—look how sweet her face is!

IMG_8088-Edit My favorite family shot—adorable!!


Thanks again!!  The rest of the session images will be up soon!