Donald & Caitlin – Engagement Session | Bellingham Engagement Photographer

I am so excited for these two!  I’ve known Donald since high school and Caitlin is our neighbor as well as a wonderful photographer and graphic designer for Alice Joy Events.  I couldn’t be more excited for their upcoming wedding—it is bound to absolutely stunning and so much fun!

We had such a great time roaming around downtown Bellingham, finding interesting locations and chatting about their plans during this session.  All of the session images can be checked out here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

Thanks again Donald and Caitlin—I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard during a session in a long time!  I couldn’t even pick a favorite from the session—they are all my favorites!!

BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-200 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-201 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-202 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-203 I love the heart!

BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-204 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-205 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-206 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-207 I think Donald looks great in pastel pink and purple—perhaps your wedding colors should match?

BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-208 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-209 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-210 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-211 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-212 I LOVE this picture below—this is what marriage is about; those deep-down, meaningful moments when you know you have a partner for life no matter what.

BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-213 BellinghamEngagementPhotographerE2-610Donald&Caitlin-214