Don’t Pinch Me!

I’ve got my green on!  Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!  I’m longing for some corned beef tonight…but we’re heading out with friends for some yummy Italian/Greek instead.  I’d rather have good company than corned beef!  We’ve got an exciting weekend coming up with family sessions, a wedding reception for the couple who had the Maui wedding, T’s third birthday—remember when she turned one?  Seems like just yesterday! And, last but not least, SPRING SUNSHINE!  I can’t wait for the nice weather of spring!  Hope you have some fun things planned too!

Here is some green I found in Maui—I think I’ve looked at 20 of my 1,600 pictures from Maui now!  All in good time I guess!


My dream pasture minus the barb wire fence—just give me a huge amount of acreage with an oceanfront and I am good to go!  I dream big!

LyndenPhotographer-101 There is a waterfall to the right of this bridge, but I liked this view too—so green!

LyndenPhotographer-102 The stray dog at the park that I still want to go back and steal.  He was shy when we walked up as a group but when I went up to him alone he whimpered and looked at me with the saddest eyes ever.  I don’t think he understands why no one was bringing him home.  Sweet thing—he was just Diesel’s size, they could have been best friends.

LyndenPhotographer-103 The black sand beach—gorgeous and SO green!

LyndenPhotographer-104 Outside of the caves at the black sand beach

LyndenPhotographer-105 Rainforest jungle plants—we wanted to reenact some Tarzan moves but the boys weren’t into it.

LyndenPhotographer-106 My favorite—giant Maui cacti!  It is like Texas and Hawaii all rolled into one—pure heaven!