Dylan | Lynden Senior Photographer

Remember Anthony’s senior pictures I showed earlier this week?  Well Saturday I got to photograph Anthony’s good friend Dylan.  I was so excited to hear from his mom that he wanted pictures taken with his truck and quad—you can tell why these guys are friends!  Dylan was so friendly, up for anything, had lots of great ideas and wasn’t afraid to get his quad dirty after spending hours cleaning it up for pictures. 

Thanks so much Dylan, Duke (his family’s sweet dog), Morgan (sister) and Carla (mom).  You all were so kind and welcoming!  I can’t wait for your family pictures this summer.  Good luck Dylan with the rest of your racing season—I hope you stay safe and bring home some more trophies!

All of Dylan’s pictures are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-100 LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-101 LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-102 LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-103 I love this picture below!  Seriously—Dylan looks awesome.

LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-104 LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-105 LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-106

LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-107 LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-108 LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-109 LyndenSeniorPhotographerS5-15-2010Dylan-110 I told Dylan that I bet his racing scares his mom half to death—he informed me that all he can hear when he is racing is her cheering him on louder than anyone else.  Carla—you are an awesome (and brave!) mom!