Eric & Lisa – Wedding | Maui Wedding Photographer


EDIT TO ADD: All of Eric & Lisa’s wedding pictures are now online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

What an amazing time we had at Eric & Lisa’s destination wedding in Maui, Hawaii!  A perfect location for a gorgeous, carefree celebration!  We played on the beach, enjoyed a beautiful marriage ceremony with wonderful Hawaiian touches and celebrated into the night!  It was a beautiful, windy Maui day filled with love, family and friends—what could be better?

Thank you so much Eric & Lisa for inviting me along to your big day in paradise!  I feel so blessed to have been part of it.


MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-100 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-101 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-102 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-103 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-104 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-105 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-106 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-107 There was a lot of love going around!

MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-108 My favorite!

MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-109 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-110 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-111 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-112 This picture sums the whole day up—happy couple surrounded by friends and family by the beach!  Perfect!

MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-113 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-114 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-115 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-116 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-117 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-118 MauiWeddingPhotographer3-1-10Lisa&Eric-119