FYI--Phone Number

I don't use my home phone number for business but sometimes people look me up in the phone book and call me at home. I just wanted to let you know that I just canceled that phone number for the following reasons:
1. We're going to be living in a travel trailer shortly with no access to a land line phone.
2. The phone number has been misprinted in the phone book ever since we received it and has been listed under our name and also a large church in Lynden...we get several calls a day for the church/pastor. And while sometimes the phone messages are amusing...I prefer not receive all of those extra phone calls.
3. We receive tons of phone calls for the people who had our number before from companies and such. It is hard to convince those people that you are not the people they are looking for, you do not know them and please do not call again.
4. Our house phone lines are all messed up. We've already thrown away and purchased one new phone thinking it was the phone that was making the scratching/cutting out/I can't hear you annoyances. $80 on a new phone later, we find out it is indeed our phone line...not the phone. For the last week when people try to call us they get a busy signal--even though no one is on the phone. Two days ago the phone line went totally dead. The phone line obviously has significant issues...

So--I've had enough! It is canceled. We'll get a new phone line when the new house is built but you can throw away our home number--I did not request to reserve the phone number until then!

In the meantime and as always please call me via cell phone at (360)410-7393.

Have a great Thursday--it' s almo

st the weekend! Keep your eye out tonight/tomorrow for more of Jennifer's senior pics and a sneak peak of an awesome maternity session I did last night.