Gina – Equine Portrait

Horses have been a huge part of our family.  My Dad says us girls have a genetic defect known to all girls—that of being passionate about horses.  We could think of worse genetic defects, so we haven’t tried curing this one yet.  All of the horses we had growing up have come and gone, either to befriend little girls in heaven’s green pastures or to new loving homes, all except one. 

My sister got Gina when the horse was very young and green (not well trained).  But Jennifer and Gina have been soul mates since day one.  Perhaps they were more like sisters—they learned together and fought together but always loved each other. They have something that all horse owners seek—a deep understanding between horse and rider, so much so that if either of them even think a thought the other one knows exactly how to respond.  Jennifer and Gina hit the show ring with grace and beauty—Gina in tune to the excitement of the crowd, the highest and biggest stride of all like a queen parading around the pen.  Jennifer’s perfect confidence and pride for her young horse shimmered through every hoof beat.  Their perfection paid off in piles of ribbons, trophies and championships.  Jennifer, do you know why I never tried saddle seat?  Because I knew I would never look as beautiful as you and Gina—so why bother. 

After Gina’s show career she became a mommy twice (and not a very happy one!).  Since then she’s lived the good life—enjoying green grass, casually being ridden and being spoiled rotten by her favorite little nieces who constantly feel that she needs hay, hugs and treats.  Since Gina was looking quite regal this summer in all of her 20 year old beauty, Jennifer asked that I come capture her beauty.  I’m so glad I did—she looks amazing and though she nearly killed me several times (apparently a large camera and lens resembles a target) I’m so glad she’s still in the family!

Here a couple pictures from Gina’s past glory days—I couldn’t find any pictures of Jennifer showing her unfortunately, but here are a couple of me taking her to a horse show.  I’m not sure why I showed her but I’m guessing it was because my horse was on stall rest after breaking his back (no worries, he completely recovered!).  Please don’t mind the scanned images from who knows what camera!  And in case you didn’t know, grey horses get grey-er as they get older—so while her color may be totally different now I assure you it is the same horse!

gina 2_0002

gina 1_0001 Gina’s first foal that my sister gave to me.  His name was Fourd and he was a bit of a mean monster.  I don’t think he was loved by his mother as a child.

gina 1_0002

On to the good stuff—take a look at this blonde beauty!


IMG_9614IMG_9653 IMG_9661IMG_9684IMG_9695IMG_9703IMG_9707IMG_9710

This was a focusing mistake on my part as I was experiencing a near-death experience of being run over by a 1,000 pound horse but I love it anyway!