Guest Photographer

Sorry things have been a little slow on here lately--we've been super busy getting ready for the great house demo, designing new sample albums, meeting with brides for 2009, family pictures for the holidays etc. An HUGE thank you goes out to all my clients who have been so wonderful--I couldn't ask for kinder, warmer, more fantastic people to share my passion with.

While I've taken plenty of pictures myself lately, I wanted to show you some of Brandon's amazing work!!! Recently he went on a trip to Wyoming. Since I've never been, I made sure he had our handy point and shoot camera fully charged and stocked with an empty card packed carefully away in his bag. He was under very direct instructions to take as many photos as he could--with enough card room to take nearly 1,000 pictures. Well he came back with only 48, but clearly he has demonstrated that quality over quantity is the most important factor! I was truly blown away by the shots he captured.
Brandon is my biggest cheerleader in my photography business, my best critical evaluator of photographs (he has the best eye for composition and details!), my best friend and an amazing husband. So I just had to share these with you all! Enjoy his amazing work!! I think I might have hire him to second shoot with me.
I LOVE this picture! It makes me want to hook up the horse trailer, load up Rascal and drive straight there. How beautiful is this state? Amazing!
When I was first going through the pictures Brandon took I could not figure out what was going on here but I loved the photojournalistic feel and the composition of the picture. Brandon explained to me that on this ranch the owners usually halter break the calves by teaching them to lead behind the fourwheeler but their fourwheeler was broken.

So they tied the calf to their dog and he was doing a great job leading the little fellow all over the property! I'm going to have to try that with Diesel someday!

Brandon loved this bluff and I am smitten too--Mt. Baker is pretty and all but for some reason the grass is always greener on the other side (but not too literally in this case!). It is incredible to me the variety of landscapes just around our 50 states.
My favorite--I think I'm going to blow this up as big as it can go for our new house. An amazing Wyoming sunrise we can enjoy everyday!