What do a Sling Blade, an Angel and a Mystical animal have in common? They are all horses of course! My sister owns JH Training and from time to time I've taken sale pictures of her horses or just documented different events she takes her horses to.

Below are a couple images of her riding Sling Blade (aka Billy Bob, Blob etc). Billy was a wonderful gelding she had in training for several months. There are also a few shots of her riding Angel and "ponying" (leading from horseback) her mare Mystic. Angel used to be my horse and I have since sold her to a great friend of mine who is using her for barrel racing (and they are doing VERY well together!

I'm so happy she has such a great new mom!). Someday I'll have to get off my new horse and actually take some pictures of him to show you! Until then, here are a few pictures of some other great horses!