Imagination Fun Run | Lynden Event Photographer

This morning I had a wonderful time photographing the Imagination Fun Run 5k and kids dash in Lynden which was held to support the Lynden Destination Imagination team.  We had a great time in the sun and there was an awesome turn out.  I’m off to shoot a senior session so I’ll just leave you with some of my favorite images from the morning.

All event images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!


This woman is AMAZING!  She ran super fast, won the race overall and is four months pregnant.  Seriously amazing!

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-100 Second place—also super fast—and winner of the men’s division!

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-101 There were a ton of kids running the 5k—these two did particularly well!  Nice job boys!

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-102 LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-103 Kids dash pictures!  This was my favorite part of the day—

these sweet little kids all ran a MILE!  I figured a 100 yard dash would be adequate but these kids proved they can out run me any day.

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-104 LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-105 LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-106 This adorable girl had her own entourage and paparazzi—but you can’t blame her supportive family, she is absolutely precious!

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-107 I loved all the support these children received in their race!

LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-108 LyndenEventPhotographerImaginationFunRun-109 This little fellow stole my heart—he is tiny, seriously shorter then my hip and yet he ran a WHOLE mile!  My hero!  When I grow up I want to be just like him!