It's Raining Popcorn!

You might remember this stunning picture of me?

Well, if you guessed that I was scraping popcorn texture off of my living room ceiling you were right! I don't have time to dig up a "before" picture at the moment, but imagine our living room with light brown painted paneling on the walls with a dingy white popcorn textured ceiling. Well, we have replaced the two windows and front door. We have also ripped off the paneling and scraped down the popcorn. We had a lovely friend smooth-wall our ceiling, it has now been painted (just finished a couple minutes ago) and tomorrow we are putting up pine tongue and groove on the walls (you might remember the sanding post a couple months ago...that wood is our future walls). Whew. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Add that to finishing my horse barn and several others projects and we've had one busy winter/spring. There will be lots of more pictures of the great remodel project to come. Tonight I leave you with one image of the ceiling after it was scraped--notice how it was still raining popcorn!