Jack & Tamara | Lynden Engagement Photographer

This week I had an amazing time getting to know Jack and Tamara while taking their engagement pictures in Berthusen Park.  These two are the sweetest, most loving, most adorable couple ever.  I love how they obviously adore each other!  They made my job easy and I can’t wait until their December wedding this winter.

All of their session images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-100 LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-101 LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-102 LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-103 LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-104 I LOVE this one below!  One of my favorites!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-105 LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-106 I hope you two know how gorgeous you are!  Supermodels.

LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-107 LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-108 I told you they adore each other!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-109 My favorite below!

LyndenWeddingPhotographerE5-24-10Jack&Tamara-110 I asked Jack if he could prove his manliness and dip Tamara—oh man did he ever dip her!  He must have great balance, because he got her inches from the ground without falling over.  Manliness proven.  Nice work Jack!