Jim & Ruth | Birch Bay Engagement Photographer

Engagement sessions abound over here these days!  I just love engagement sessions—what a great way to get to know each couple, hear about their fantastic wedding details and play for an hour.  I like to think of them as a playful date for the couple and I get to come along to document the fun!

I had a great time this week with Jim and Ruth out in Birch Bay.  We were hoping for sunny skies but as usual in the last few weeks, every time I get out my camera it starts raining.  The good news is that I’ve never had rain affect a wedding yet so I figure if we get out all the rain during the engagement sessions then we are good to go for the weddings!  It wasn’t raining much by the time we started the session and the dampness once again made for amazing, saturated colors so we didn’t mind. 

These two are so adorable together!  They were up for anything and in fact asked for some funny, playful pictures so we went on a little adventure and come up with some fun images.  Thanks so much Jim & Ruth!  I can’t wait for your wedding—I’ll be on the lookout for a big field to play in!

All of the session images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above!  Enjoy!

Sassy!E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-100 E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-101 E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-102 E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-103 E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-104 E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-105 E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-106

E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-112 E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-113 I adore this series!  I just love how tiny they look on the picnic table!  It was super long but it looks fairly normal sized in the pictures which resulted in a fabulous optical illusion of

them being tiny!



E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-114 I love everything about the image below…one of my favorites!

E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-115 E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-116My FAVORITE!  I love all of the texture in this image—plus Ruth and Jim look hot!  You two rock!

E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-117 E4-20-10Jim&Ruth-118