John & Stephanie – Wedding



This summer has been full of beautiful weddings on gorgeous days!  John and Stephanie had the perfect weather for their perfect wedding—not too terribly hot but beautifully sunny!  Not only that but their wedding was simply exquisite.  Everything from the dress to the food to the flowers to the location was absolutely amazing!  Evergreen Gardens always provides a gorgeous backdrop for weddings and this Saturday’s sunshine really showed off how beautiful the grounds are.  John and Stephanie—thank you so much for trusting me to document your fantastic wedding!  You two are so genuinely caring and warm it was an absolute pleasure to work with you!  I didn’t even try to narrow down to my favorite favorites so here is a bunch of pictures for you to check out!

IMG_7565-Edit IMG_7570-Edit IMG_7602-Edit Can’t you just see how much they adore each other


IMG_7625-Edit IMG_7640-Edit My favorite portrait of the day!

IMG_7672-Edit The flowers from All About Flowers were absolutely amazing, Gwen and Nadia did a fantastic job!  I loved them because they were stunning and I also loved them because they matched my wedding colors and reminded me of our wedding four years ago!

IMG_7689-Edit IMG_7751-Edit IMG_7765-Edit This wedding party was fantastic—these girls could work it!

IMG_7831-Edit IMG_8066-Edit Every floral detail was attended to—graceful roses were even placed in each bird bath around the grounds.  Now I want a bird bath just so I can do this at home!

IMG_8120-Edit IMG_8131-Edit IMG_8176-Edit Stephanie—you are gorgeous, just look at you glow!


Someone caught the whole thing on video and I caught them!  Father Steve Kuder did a great job officiating the ceremony.

IMG_8341-Edit-2 IMG_8354-Edit IMG_8457-Edit The after-ceremony kiss!

IMG_8476-Edit There were also many, many adorable little babies and children around—I wish I could have done a portrait session of each one then and there.  Check out this fellow’s big eyes!

IMG_8613-Edit The food was so delicious and top notch!  It was served by such sweet people and was presented absolutely perfectly.  Ciao Thyme did an amazing job providing John and Stephanie with a gourmet reception filled with their favorite foods!  I love how personalized the menu was!

IMG_8839-Edit IMG_8917-Edit IMG_8967-Edit IMG_8991-Edit Stephanie’s dad was was all smiles during the father-daughter dance!

IMG_9050-Edit Rosemary Lemonade?  Never had it before, must have again.  Fantastically refreshing!

IMG_9366-Edit IMG_9372-Edit I’ll give you one guess as to what classic wedding reception song these awesome people are dancing to.  I’ll give you a hint—it has to do with yelling!

IMG_9392-Edit Ciao Thyme also made all of the desse rts for the evening—look how rustic and beautiful they all are!  As I was photographing them it was all I could do not to snatch up each and every one and try them myself.

IMG_9482-Edit IMG_9541-Edit