Just Rascal

So Rascal can actually look like a normal horse…well, if you can call an orange polka dotted horse normal.  My goal for these pictures wasn’t to make him look like a gorgeous show horse, heck I didn’t even brush him.  I just wanted to capture—him.  Out in the field, munching on grass and hanging out.  Because that is what he looks like every morning, noon and night when I walk out and give him a scratch on his forehead.  Just Rascal.  And that is just how I will always picture him.


I usually don’t process pictures of Rascal in black and white because he is so colorful (both inside and out!), color images seem to bring out his personality.  But for some reason I went black and white with this image and I love it.

IMG_2972 I love spots…lots and lots of spots.  But see that one big spot on his tummy?  It drives me nuts.  It looks like a paint spill instead of a splatter.  Oh well—he’s plenty of cute everywhere else!


I love this nose!  Every time I photograph Rascal I take an image similar to this—I just can’t help myself.



That grass sticking out his mouth is a permanent look for him—typical Appaloosa.  He eats and eats and eats!  Notice how he is rocking the wind swept look, I think he could model for Abercrombie.

IMG_3020 His little forelock (bangs, if you will) cracks me up!  It never grows any longer than this and is always so highlighted and lighter than the rest of his hair.  Simply adorable!