Kaden – Family Session | Lynden Family Photographer

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Little boys are so full of mischief and smiles and I just can’t get enough of them!  This is the second session I had this weekend which included a sweet little guy!  I had a such a great time chasing around little Kaden and hanging out with his mom and dad (Megan and Brant) who I went to school with.  This age is a bit of challenge to photograph because the little ones are always on the go and ready to explore but I love capturing that adventurous spirit and the moments in between finding the next great thing to check out.

Thanks so much Megan, Brant and Kaden for such a great session—your little family is absolutely, fantastically adorable and I hope we can play again real soon!


Check out those amazing eyes!


I think he wants to play football!


SO mischievous!  I wonder what he is thinking!


I LOVE this little profile shot!  Look at his tiny, perfect nose!!  So cute!


Hmmm, where to next?


Melt your heart perfectness—Megan and Brant seriously—you’ll never be able to say no to that face!


Checking things out—I love all the color here!


The perfect casual family portrait—I love it!


I really hope this picture gets made into a giant canvas or print!!  This is what family is about!