Kevin & Kailey – Bellingham Wedding Photographer

Bellingham Bay, sail boats, beautiful couple—engagement sessions don’t get any better than this!  I love shooting in new locations so when Kailey mentioned that they wanted their engagement session down on the docks of Bellingham Bay and with her finance’s sail boat I was so excited to play in a new location!  I adore photographing relationships and I find such happiness in shooting landscapes and details down on the waterfront so I couldn’t have asked for a better combination—except maybe to shoot a bride and groom down on the docks and on a sailboat which I get to do again this fall thanks to this awesome couple!  YAY! 

Thanks so much Kevin and Kailey—you two were up for anything and your neighbor friends on the dock were icing on the cake to let us play on their boats too!  Tell them thanks again for me! 

All of Kevin and Kailey’s session images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-100 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-101 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-102 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-103 I LOVE this picture—don’t they look so happy!?

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-104 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-105 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-106 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-107 I think this one is my favorite—I love that it captures real life and that I was standing on a gorgeous turquoise boat (featured below).  It is the small things that make me the happiest!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-108 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-109 The turquoise boat in the background was amazing and the owner was so kind too!  I think if I painted everything in my life that turquoise color I would be perma-happy!  It is so cheerful!  It went perfectly with Kailey’s shirt—love it!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-110 One of my favorites!  I’m so glad neither Kailey or I fell backward into the water while we worked at getting this shot—it could have been bad…and cold!

BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-111 BellinghamWeddingPhotographerE6-8-10Kevin&Kailey-112