Kevin | Lynden Senior Photographer

Third time is a charm with this session!  The weather in this past week has not been too wonderful for outdoor portraits but we finally got Kevin’s senior pictures taken after three nights of trying.  I’m so glad we made it happen!  We did Kevin’s session at his family’s dairy farm—it was like a photographer’s playground!  I wish I could do a session there every week--so many textures and colors to play with! 

Kevin is a great guy and was wonderful to work with!  He was up for anything and is super sweet which pretty much makes him my perfect client!  Thanks so much Kevin—when you need a break from feeding calves give me a call—I love those sweet little faces.  

All of Kevin’s session images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above!



LyndenSeniorPhotographyS5-20-10-100 LyndenSeniorPhotographyS5-20-10-101 Can you see what is going wrong in this picture?  Perfect model Kevin just keeps on workin’ it!

LyndenSeniorPhotographyS5-20-10-102 LyndenSeniorPhotographyS5-20-10-103 I LOVE this truck—I couldn’t ask for better texture and color in one spot!

LyndenSeniorPhotographyS5-20-10-104 LyndenSeniorPhotographyS5-20-10-105 LyndenSeniorPhotographyS5-20-10-106

This one below is my favorite!  Kevin looks awesome!


Another guy with his truck—this year’s senior class is rocking the Chevy’s and GMCs.  Second favorite from the session!