Kohen – Baby Session | Lynden Baby Photographer

Little Kohen is already 10 months old!  I just love watching these little ones grow and learn.  Kohen is standing, exploring his world and taking it all in with his big blue eyes!  It was so much fun to see him checking out the creek and playing on the tractor at our session at Berthusen Park.  Kohen’s parents, Jordan and Stacy, just adore him and it is so wonderful to see how he lights up their eyes.

Thanks so much to Kohen, Stacy and Jordan (and Grandma!) for a wonderful session this Saturday!  I can’t wait to see how big Kohen is in a couple months!

All of the session images are online here or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!

Look at those big blue eyes and awesome hair!  Kohen is SO adorable!

LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-100 LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-101 LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-102 LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-103 LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-104 LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-105 LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-106 My favorite!

LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-107 LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-108 So little!

LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-109 LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-110 LyndenBabyPhotographer3-27-10Kohen-111