Levi & Lindsey – Family Session | Lynden Family Photography

EDIT TO ADD:  All of Levi & Lindsey’s images are now online here, or click on the Online Ordering links above.  Enjoy!


Nothing beats a beautiful sunshiny day, fresh cut grass, a gorgeous blonde and an inked up Navy guy.  Seriously—I highly doubt my Saturday morning could have been any better.  I was so excited when Lindsey contacted me about doing a two year anniversary session with her husband.  Lindsey and I went to school together and it had been ages (maybe five years?) since we’ve hung out and caught up on each other’s lives so I had been looking forward to their session for weeks.

Thanks so much Levi and Lindsey for trekking through muddy fields, battling nettles, sliding down creek banks and climbing over fences—it made for some awesome pictures!  The electric shock to my leg from the hot wire fence was definitely worth it to capture these images for you!  And I wasn’t joking around when I said I wanted to photograph your future children in those tattooed arms Levi—I’ll be waiting for a phone call!  Thanks also for your service to our country Levi—if it wasn’t for the brave men and women like you our country wouldn’t be where it is today.

Family9-26-09Lindsey&LeviLyndenPhotographer-100Family9-26-09Lindsey&LeviLyndenPhotographer-101 Family9-26-09Lindsey&LeviLyndenPhotographer-102Family9-26-09Lindsey&LeviLyndenPhotographer-103

I’ve decided to add an element of danger into each couple’s session that I do to keep everyone on their toes.  I thought about making them stand on chairs in the middle of the creek, but since they drove up from Marysville for the session it might have made for cold, wet trip home if they fell in.  So we opted for laying on the road on a bridge instead…and I’ m so glad we did!


Lindsey is awesome at rocking the fierce look—check out these next two, they are some of my favorites!

Family9-26-09Lindsey&LeviLyndenPhotographer-108 Family9-26-09Lindsey&LeviLyndenPhotographer-109



I  love this shot below—look how Lindsey’s face is all lit up!  I think is safe to say that Lindsey not only loves her husband but is proud of him as well.


Can you find Lindsey’s favorite tattoo? 



Doesn’t everybody hang out in corn fields?  I really wanted to play in the corn with these two and this was the last corn field still standing in the area.  I love the texture and color it adds!