Life on the Funny Farm | Lynden Photographer

I took these photos around our place today:

-After a fabulous family session with the most adorable kids (I can’t wait to show you the pictures!!)

-After shopping at three antique stores for some awesome new baby and children session props

-After hitting up Sonic for tater tots, fry sauce and a lemon-berry slush…mmm!  Now that was $2 well spent!

-After taking an hour walk with Diesel to walk off the aforementioned $2 lunch

-After stopping by the neighbors and seeing their 30 goats for sale

-After doing some serious business planning and brainstorming

-After cleaning up the disaster of packaging in my house from my gorgeous album orders

-After hearing weird noises outside and finding Rascal (who should have been in the outside paddock) had unlocked a stall door, entered the stall, knocked over the wheelbarrow that was parked in his way, went through the stall into the breezeway of the barn, opened a closed bucket lid and ate all of the miniature horses’ grain, knocked over his own closed tub of grain with approx. 40 pounds of grain and 20 pounds of salt in it and was happily munching his way through that. 

It has been a day!

LyndenPhotographer-100 Meet Cowboy (below) and Cookie (above)!  They are keeping Rascal company this winter so he doesn’t eat me alive from boredom.  They are miniature horses and are about the sweetest, friendliest, furriest, littlest things you’ve ever seen!

LyndenPhotographer-101 LyndenPhotographer-102 Naughty, naughty Rascal…still eating!

LyndenPhotographer-103 LyndenPhotographer-104 The always handsome Diesel Lee!  He just got over an icky eye infection—despite chewing his medicine bottle up so I couldn’t unscrew the cap of his eye drops.  The dog is not dumb…I should have tried that when I was younger!

LyndenPhotographer-105 LyndenPhotographer-106 I love how he crosses his paws when he lays down!

LyndenPhotographer-107 Daisy Bell—she was not feeling photogenic today.

LyndenPhotographer-108 LyndenPhotographer-109 Daisy’s tree